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I'm a freelance writer, blogger, and amateur herbalist who specializes in alternative / holistic health topics. I'm the writer, editor and content manager for Holistic Health & Living blog, and the sole writer, narrator and animator for the Holistic Health & Living YouTube channel. You can tweet me on Twitter, message me on Google+ or my Contact page.

The History of Garlic, for Health and Healing

The history of garlic is long and illustrious. The greatest scientific minds of ancient and modern times have used the pungent bulb to heal. Discover why. Continue reading

Why Vitamin D Is Even More Important During Pregnancy

but vitamin D is even more important during pregnancy_pregnant woman

Pregnancy can be the most dangerous time in a woman’s life, for a variety of reasons; but, nutritionally, pregnancy is a risk factor for vitamin D deficiency and its consequences. … Read on to learn more. Continue reading

Health Benefits of Lobelia

Health Benefits of Lobelia_Lobelia Inflata flowers

Lobelia (Lobelia inflata) has been used as a medicine for a very long time. … Herbalist have treated bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory conditions with lobelia for centuries, and modern science has proven the herb effective for those complaints (and others). Continue reading