The History of Garlic, for Health and Healing

The history of garlic is long and illustrious. The greatest scientific minds of ancient and modern times have used the pungent bulb to heal. Discover why. Continue reading

The Health Benefits & Dangers of Chaparral Herb

Chaparral (Larrea tridentata) is a very powerful herb. … Due to chaparral’s power, it is both highly regarded for its healing abilities and greatly feared for its possible side-effects and drug interactions. In this article, we will discuss both. Continue reading

Cold & Flu Prevention

Preventing illness, and the downtime it brings, is always preferable to simply treating it after the fact. By planning ahead and taking a holistic approach – treating the body, mind and spirit – one can successfully prevent illnesses of all kinds. It is especially easy to successfully prevent germ and viral born illnesses, such as cold and flu. Step by … Continue reading

Health Benefits of Coriander

Coriander has been used as both food and medicine, in many cultures, for millennium. Discover why this herb and spice has been so admired through the ancient and modern worlds. Continue reading

The Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine: Ashwagandha

ashwagandha root

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is an extraordinarily useful herb, particularly for those struggling to keep up with the hectic pace of modern life. … Ashwagandha’s many health benefits make it the perfect herbal tonic for those under stress and in need of greater energy. But that’s just the beginning of Ashwagandha’s many uses. Continue reading